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AIJA | Half-Year Conference

Beatriz Cabal (Senior Associate) and Michelle Ferrara (International Associate) actively participated in the International Association of Young Lawyers’ (AIJA) “Half-Year Conference”, which recently took place in Miami, where issues related to energy (oil and gas), mergers and acquisitions, as well…

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AIJA Americas Meeting, Panama City, 2023

On March 3rd, AIJA celebrated the AIJA Americas Meeting, in Panama City, 2023.  Galindo, Arias & Lopez, sponsored and participated as members of the organizing committee of this event which received an important number of attendees from Panama and the…

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Aviation Day Panamá 2019

GALA was part of the sponsors of the “Aviation Day Panamá 2019”. This event had the participation of important companies from the aviation industry in Central America. In this event, a Regulatory Panel was moderated by Ms. Cristina Lewis, which…

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Electoral Reform Training

Faced with the upcoming national elections of May 5 and with the challenge of selecting our future leaders represents, the Litigation and Arbitration practice group took the initiative to organize an internal training about Electoral Reforms, in order to clear…

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ICC Arbitration in Practice

True to our commitment to best practices in the provision of legal services, at Galindo, Arias & López, at the of the Litigation and Arbitration practice group, an internal training regarding CCI Arbitration in Practice was provided. Among the topics…

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Lawyer’s Professional Ethics

Galindo, Arias & López true to our values and committed to best practices in the practice of law and at the initiative of the Litigation practice group, conducted an internal training session on legal ethics, taught by professionals from the…

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Sharing Knowledge

As part of GALA’s Professional Development program, internal training was provided for the Litigation and Arbitration practice group in which attorneys Selva del C. Quintero M. and Kriss Ríos shared with the group their knowledge regarding “Basic Training Experiences in…

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