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International Trade & Customs

We offer legal services and comprehensive development of risk management strategies and opportunity maximization for access to international trade of goods and services and everything related to investment policies for markets of specific interests.

With a track record of unimpeachable professional integrity, the lawyers in our International Trade and Customs practice area provide our clients the confidence of the best legal advice for the market in matters such as:

  • Advice about possible market access under free trade agreements for goods, services and foreign investors.
  • Advice on procedures for the return of import taxes paid in excess according to preferential trade arrangements.
  • Advice on procedures for origin verification.
  • Advice on procedures of trade remedies (anti-dumping and safeguards measures).
  • Advice on administrative procedures required by the Customs Authority and representation in customs tax proceedings.
  • Obtaining and implementing tariff classification and import tax criteria applicable under preferential trade arrangement.




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