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Minimum Wage Increase

By way of Executive Decree 75 of December 26, 2017 the Government of the Republic of Panama announced an increase in the minimum wage as…

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New Vance Center anti-corruption initiative for Latin America

Public pro bono means much more than free individual legal work that a lawyer offers to meet a social responsibility. This is explained by Todd…

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Electricity Sector Legal Day

Recently, an Electricity Sector Legal Day was held in commemoration of the 20 years of Law 6 of 1997, that regulates the Public Electricity Service…

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One more reason to trust us

Galindo, Arias & López is pleased to inform their clients and friends that Edgar Herrera has been become a partner of the firm. His unimpeachable…

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Recognition by the World Bank 2017

Galindo, Arias & López was recognized by the World Bank Group, thanks to the intellectual contribution of our team of lawyers: Cristina Lewis, Edgar Herrera,…

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