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Mario Galindo is a founding partner of Galindo, Arias & López, with more than 50 years’ Experience, specializing in the areas of Civil, Tax and Commercial Law, particularly in Company Law and Exchange Law.

He drafted the current law regarding financial leasing. His works about Constitutional Law, Exchange Law and Public Registry Law have been cited in a number of Supreme Court opinions.

Dr. Galindo also held the position of Professor of Commercial Law in the Catholic University of Santa María La Antigua (1967-1978).

In additional to his experience in the firm, he has also held the following positions:

  • Board of Directors of the Panama Canal Authority.
  • Board of Directors of the Permanent Court of Arbitration of La Haya.
  • Board of Directors of the Panamanian National Junta Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Presidential Advisor.
  • Minister of Finance and Treasury.
  • Review Commission of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Panama.


  • Master of Laws (LLM) – Tulane University, U.S., 1962.
  • Bachelor of Laws., Magna Cum Laude, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, 1960.
  • Bachelor of Specialized Study., Cum Laude, Georgetown University, U.S., 1956.



  • Spanish
  • English


  • “Four lessons of Panamanian registry real estate law” 2013.
  • “Extinction of exchange rate actions due to expiration and inaction and the impact causal actions produce on the delivery of negotiable instruments and the extinction of such exchange rate actions” (second updated and extended edition), 2012.
  • “False endorsement in comparative exchange law and Panamanian law” 2011.
  • “To focus the debate over the widening of the Canal” 2006.
  • “Democracy of parties, democracy in the parties and militant democracy” 2004.
  • “Specific ideas on Panamanian registered real estate law” 2004.
  • “The Panamanian nation on the eve and in the dawn of the republic” 2003.
  • “Our separation from Colombia: The two legends and the dilemma” 2002.
  • “The expiration and provisions of stock exchange and their effects on causal action in Panamanian law” (First edition), 1999.
  • “The effect of unfair gain and payment not owed in exchange law” 1996.
  • “General Policy Law and related subjects in Panamanian law” 1987.
  • “Meaning and scope of the constitutional reforms of 1983”
  • “The role of political parties in a democracy” 1970.
  • “Constitutional control and public treaties” 1967.
  • “Tenant rights over buildings constructed during the lease” 1960.
  • “Risk theory in civil sales” 1958.



  • Spanish
  • English
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