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We have a team of lawyers specialized in the application and scope of labor legislation as well and in all aspects of immigration law. We provide legal advice on matters related to:
  • General advice with respect to Panamanian labor legislation and general rules of labor law, rights and obligations of workers and employers, wages labor and Social Security.
  • Drafting of various types of labor contracts (permanent, temporary or piece work) as they are applied to different industries and trade regimes (multinational companies, free trade zones, etc.).
  • Advice with respect to the termination of labor relations.
  • Administrative and judicial proceedings before labor authorities, including representation in labor proceedings for unjustified dismissal, employment benefit claims, challenge to jurisdictions, etc.
  • Prior authorization for worker dismissals in special cases.
  • Drafting and formalizing internal work policies.
  • Permits and work visas with or without residence.
  • Immigration regulations applied to various trade regimes.
  • Advice with respect to contracting with foreign workers.
  • Administrative procedures before immigration authorities.

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