Permit for the care of chronically ill children

Law No. 147 of April 15, 2020,  which grants an exclusive license for the care of children or adolescents with leukemia, cancer, or degenerative disease in a severe or terminal state, was published on April 15, 2020, in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Panama.

This Law No. 147 states that any parent working in the public or private sector who has a child under 18 years of age suffering from one of these diseases in a severe or terminal state, shall be entitled to a paid license by the employer, for a term of up to three months, which cannot be extended.

This regulation defines what is understood to be a severe or terminal state of illness, and also establishes a series of requirements that must be met by the employee to apply for this permit, among these, the obligation to notify the employer of the person in their charge, provide a birth certificate, as well as to deliver a medical report containing the name of the patient and justification of the need for continuous supervision.

In addition, it states that the license may be canceled due to the passing of the patient or by the request of the employee.

We have included a copy of the law in Spanish in this link.

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