Fines for Keeping Foreign Workers without Work Permits Increase

Recently, amendments to the Labor Code were made, through Law No. 237 of 2021. Such amends include (1) increasing the fines for employers who maintain foreign workers without work permits, (2) adding articles to Cabinet Decree 249, (3) provisions regarding the payment of the Occupational Safety, Health and Hygiene at Work Fund Fee, for construction […]

Panama Extends the Scope of Maternity Leave to Fathers

The maternity leave will apply to the minor’s father and grant him vacation time if the mother dies, according to Law 238 of  2021. Fathers in the public or private sector can apply to maternity leave, as disposed on the law, if: The mother-to-be lacks a formal job during pregnancy, in which case, the father […]

Peruvian Nationals can now apply for Visas for Friendly Countries

Recently, Executive Decree No. 226 of July 20, 2021, was issued, whereby the Republic of Peru was included in the list of eligible countries, within the immigration subcategory of “Friendly Countries”. In addition to the current reasons for applying, the purpose of requiring the residence may be demonstrated by opening a Fixed Term Deposit in […]

New modifications to the migratory subcategory of friendly countries

Recently, Executive Decree No. 197 of May 7, 2021, was issued.  This Decree modifies Articles 2 and 3 of Executive Decree No. 416 of June 13, 2012, which created the migratory subcategory of permanent resident as foreign nationals of specific countries that maintain friendly, professional, economic, and investment relations with the Republic of Panama, better […]

Personal Data Protection Regulation in Panama

After a long wait, Panama recently regulated the Personal Data Protection Law (Law 81 of 2019). By way of Executive Decree 285 of 2021, Panama developed, among other things, the minimum requirements that Data Controllers must comply with when collecting information as well as the conditions under which the consent of the Data Subjects must […]

Acquiring Distressed Companies in Panama

The next M&A deal cycle in Panama is about to begin. As the moratorium on payment of interests expires in the coming months, some companies will struggle to recover from the lingering side-effects of Covid-19. The silver lining in any crisis, of course, is that the financial troubles of some companies, present opportunities for others, […]

Public Procurement & Government Contracts 2020

Cristina Thayer and Claudia Juárez were invited by Chambers & Partners to be the exclusive authors of the Public Procurement & Government Contracts Global Practice Guide, Panama Chapter. CLICK HERE to read the publication

The Public Procurement Country Comparative Guide

Cristina Thayer and Claudia Juárez were invited by Legal 500 magazine, to be the exclusive expert authors for the Panama section in the first edition of “The Public Procurement Country Comparative Guide” that provides information about government contracting laws, complex contracts, the evaluation of bids and common challenges, across a variety of jurisdictions. CLICK HERE […]

Public Procurement & Government Contracts 2018

Cristina Thayer and Salomón Behar, highly ranked lawyers, were invited by Chambers & Partners, to be the exclusive expert authors for the Panama section in the first edition of the Public Procurement & Government Contracts Guide. Read publication: https://practiceguides.chambers.

Personal data protection law

On March 26, 2019 Law 81 was approved which establishes the principles, rights, obligations and procedures that regulate Personal Data Protection; it will come into effect as of 2021. Said Law includes and develops the ARCO Rights (Right of Access, Modification, Cancellation, Opposition and Portability), and will be supervised by the National Authority of Transparency […]

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