Electricity Sector Legal Day

Recently, an Electricity Sector Legal Day was held in commemoration of the 20 years of Law 6 of 1997, that regulates the Public Electricity Service organized by the Energy and Telecommunications Commission of the Panamanian National Bar Association.

GALA was one of the sponsors of the event at which lawyer Selva del C. Quintero M. participated as a speaker. With her experience she presented “The Position of the Supreme Court of Justice with respect to the Jurisdiction of the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP), to outline the regulations that apply to public electricity services companies.”. On behalf of GALA’s Litigation and Arbitration team, Adán A. Arjona, Kriss Ríos and Claudia Juárez attended, the latter, as a member of the organizing committee.

In addition, Mr. Roberto Meana Meléndez, Director of ASEP, presented the theme “Public Electricity Service and the Regulator’s Role”; and a presentation of the book “Fundamentals of Electric Law” by Dr. Jorge Rivera Staff.

With this type of participation our lawyers reinforce our commitment to Excellence and Leadership in this industry.

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