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We represent many banking institutions, insurance companies and publicly held companies, advising them in regulatory matters of their industry and in the design of the most innovative financial structures.

We have extensive experience in matters such as:

  • Issuance of corporate bonds and commercial paper
  • Advice on issuance of debt and capital, public or private, including initial public offerings, commercial paper and subordinated debt, securities registrations and securitizations.
  • Advice in co-location of structured vehicles.
  • Legal advice for the negotiation and drafting of all forms of banking contracts.
  • Bank restructuring and portfolio acquisition.
  • Due diligence in financial matters.
  • Advice in transactional matters and regulatory matters related to the industry.
  • Advice regarding all aspects of bank formation and operation, insurance and the securities market, including registration before the Superintendency of Banks of Panama and the Panamanian Stock Exchange, as well as operating licenses.
  • Debt restructuring.
  • Structuring and placement of collective investment funds and private funds.
  • Structuring security interests.
  • Advice on financing business acquisitions or assets.
  • Structuring and implementing complex syndicated loans, credit facilities and financing with instruments to improve credit ratings.


Kadima Holdings, S.A.

Kadima Holdings, S.A: Advice to Kadima Holdings, S.A. I a public corporate bond offering in the amount of US$90,000,000.00 in series; including the issuance authorization by the Superintendency of the…

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Los Castillos Real Estate, Inc.

Los Castillos Real Estate, Inc: Advice to Los Castillos Real Estate, Inc. in a public corporate bond offering in the amount of US$70,000.000.00, in series; including the issuance authorization by…

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BAC Valores Panamá, S.A.

BAC Valores Panamá, S.A: Advice to BAC Valores Panamá, S.A. in regulatory matters and the corresponding compliance of its Business Plan and its interaction with the Superintendency of the Panamanian…

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Copa Holding, S.A.

Copa Holding, S.A: Advice to Copa Holding, S.A. in the daily operations and regulatory compliance of the Panamanian and New York Stock Exchanges Our client is one of the few…

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Atlantic Security Bank

Atlantic Security Bank: Advice to Atlantic Security Bank, S.A., and to Correval Panamá, S.A., in the restructuring and change control approval, as well as regulatory compliance before the Superintendency of…

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BIBANK (Bicapital Corporation)

BIBANK (Bicapital Corporation): Advice to BIBANK, S.A. (Bicapital Corporation) in the regulatory compliance in order to obtain a Trust License with which it can expand its business portfolio. (December 2017).

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