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GALA has specialized experience in complex transactions, both local and international, including all aspects related to mergers and acquisitions, project financing, conflict resolution and government relations. We seek to provide effective and individualized solutions to our clients in the following areas of practice:

We manage transaction related to financing, commercial and regulatory issues for the aviation industry.

We advice  on the acquisition of high scale projects and the financing related to the purchase and development of assets.

We safeguard the intellectual property of brands, with the correct registration before the authorities in charge.

We offer advice tax planning and tax issues. We also provide services of representation in administration procedures before tax authorities.


We advice to financial and insurance institutions in regulatory topics of the industry and the design of innovative financial structures.

We offer advice in topics related to the application and scope of labor legislation as well as in all aspects of immigration law.

We offer strategic advice to everything related to personal data protection and the privacy legislation in Panama.

We are a fiduciary company regulated by the Superintendence of Banks of Panama, a subsidiary of Galindo, Arias & López.

We offer legal advice to commercial transactions around Real Estate Financing.

We are specialist in the solution of complex civil, commercial and administrative conflicts.

We offer advice to highly regulated companies, such as energy and telecommunications.

We offer effective assistance in topics related to Government Contract and Public Procurement, for government institutions as well as private companies.

We manage everything related to commercial negotiation and other matters related to commercial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.

We are specialist in tailored corporate structures.

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